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The BeachPatrol vision is for all beach users to enjoy a clean and safe beach to ensure the safety of our volunteers while removing litter.

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07 Jul

Meet Tony: A BeachPatrol and Love Our Street Champion!

Simon Gaites posted on Jul 07, 2024 06:23
Tony is a dedicated volunteer who embodies the spirit of community service across multiple BeachPatrol and Love Our Street groups!
31 Mar

Meet Wes, leader at BP 3220 Geelong

Simon Gaites posted on Mar 31, 2024 05:03
Wes leads BeachPatrol 3220 Geelong, alongside co-organiser Juliet.
20 Dec

Meet Simon, leader at Chelsea BeachPatrol

Simon Gaites posted on Dec 20, 2023 19:26
BeachPatrol groups are run by volunteers, for volunteers. We're profiling one of our amazing group leaders, Simon Fabrikant from Chelsea.
17 Jun

Seaford a seabed of nurdles.. A 3 day audit of Seaford Beach

Ross posted on Jun 17, 2023 06:41
See attached PDF for this report on nurdles at Seaford beach. 80% of the litter found on our beaches in Seaford, is from the manufacturers who make our plastic products. A three day in-a-row audit...