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As the importance of BeachPatrol and Love Our Street grows, we are getting more and more media attention. We need media attention to broaden the reach of our cause. The more that people understand the problem with plastic, it’s littering, its impact on wildlife in the oceans and on land the sooner we will get behaviour change. The more public awareness we generate the more the various government departments and industry will pay attention to our causes.

Recent Media Releases

Release Date Media Name Media Type Subject Story Image
06 Apr 2022 Start Weekly News Paper

Lisa of the LOS 3030 Werribee group featured in an article recently on using the Litterstopper app to record plastic rubbish pick ups.


03 Mar 2022 ABC News TV ABC New

Colleen from BeachPatrol Warrnambool is making real change  out in her area.  She is getting commercial fishermen to remove the plastic inlet part of their lobster pots.  These plastic inlets inevitably get broken up and get loose in the ocean.  Some wash ashore which is where Colleen finds them.   


08 Feb 2022 Warrnambool Standard News Paper

Warrnambool group Leader Colleen made a walk from Warrnambool to Port Fairy over 7 days to collect pleastic rubbish off the beach.   THis story was writen up in the Warrnambool Standard news paper.

08 Feb 2022 7 Prime Ballarat 7 Prime TV

Warrnambool BeachPatrol group leader Colleen did a 7 day walk form Warrnambool to Port Fairy picking up plastic rubbish all the way.   She laid it all out on a tennis court to show it off.   THis story was aired on 7 Prime TV on 8 Feb.

10 Nov 2021 Tidy Town Awards News Release

Beachpatrol 3280-3284 won the Keep Victoria Beautiful Tidy Town awards 202 for reducing litter in relation to their Better (Cotton) Buds campaign whch raised the issue of cotton buds and their plastic stems causing a lot of beach pollution.   This campaign was instrumental in getting the State government to ban plastic stem cotton buds.


01 Oct 2021 Sustainable Cities Awards News Release

Love Our Street 3042 Airport West has made it as a finalist in the Sustainable Cities Awarxds for 2021.  Congratulations to Luisa and her team there.



28 Sep 2021 Warrnambool standard News Paper

Warrnambool resident Colleen Hughson finds submarine flare at Terry's Beach, bomb squad and military called.

UNEXPECTED: Warrnambool resident Colleen Hughson found a submarine flare at Terry's Beach. Picture: Chris Doheny
A Saturday night community cleanup resulted in the bomb squad and military being contacted, after one volunteer unwittingly unearthed a 60-year-old submarine flare.
Beach Patrol's Colleen Hughson said she was cleaning near Terry's Beach on Saturday ahead of the 'Spring Clean Your Patch Event' when she came across an unfamiliar metal object.

"I found this thing yesterday that looked like a cannister and I didn't know what it was," Ms Hughson said.
"We were cleaning up at Terry's Beach last night and I took it home and I put it on Facebook asking if anyone knew what it was.
"This morning, I was doing some searching online and I came across something that looked similar and it said 'if you find this, do not touch it, call the police or the military immediately'.

"It didn't have any writing on it, so I thought I better contact the police about it. I sent them through some photos and then the bomb squad called me.
"They told me to get everyone out of the house and warn the neighbours. They told me to sit tight and they would treat it like a bomb.
"They told me they might have to close down my whole street. I was freaking out. "They called back and said it wasn't a bomb and I could go home. Turns out it was asubmarine flare, and the military had left Melbourne and were coming to pick it up."
The flare was collected by Australian Defence Force's explosives team just after 4pm today.

21 Sep 2021 Portland Observer News Paper

Colleen Hughson talks about the plastic litter on their local beach Blacks beach as being the worst she had ever seen.

27 Jul 2021 ABC News ABC News website

Warrnambool BeachPatrol is in the news again with their leader Colleen Hughson  discovering a guey sea snot on rocks along the beach they clean.   Experts think it is caused by pollution being dumped into the ocean. But no one is owning up to it.


21 Jun 2021 Standdard.net.au On line News

CREATIVE MESSAGING: Beach Patrol volunteer Genevieve Bale installs a stencil depicting a southern right whale on a storm water drain near Worm Bay Road. A volunteer environment group has turned to street art, installing a 'stencil trail' along Worm Bay Road in an effort to reduce the volume of pollution flowing into surrounding waterways.

Warrnambool East Primary School inspired the five stencils, each featuring local fauna such as penguins, southern right whales and leafy sea-dragons.  Developed in tandem with a local graphic designer and Coastcare Victoria, the creations were installed on storm water drains to remind the public street litter often travelled through outlets and into rivers and oceans.

Group volunteer Colleen Hughson said she hoped the project would become a tourist attraction, while also reminding the public that "pollution in our waterways affects all of us".  "Water flowing down storm water drains travels to the nearest creek, river or directly to the sea. Most storm water drains do not have filters to stop the litter from discharging into the ocean," she said.  Beach Patrol has already removed over 12,000 cigarette butts and more than 9000 pieces of plastic packaging from surrounding river mouths and beaches over two years.