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Love Our Street Cleanest And Safest Streets

Love Our Street groups look after our wonderful neighbourhood streets and parks.


What Is Love Our Street?

You've all seen it, stepped round or over it or been totally disgusted by it. Yes. It’s the litter that people drop thoughtlessly in our local shopping areas and our streets. And where does it end up? In waterways and the ocean, smothering plants and contributing to the death of aquatic and marine creatures or birds. We are so lucky to have such beautiful streets in our neighborhoods they need to be looked after.

Love Our Street aims to bring people together as a community to look after our environment, to keep our streets beautifully clean and stop litter getting into our creeks, canals, on to beach or in the ocean.

We aim to support the work of Beach Patrol by dealing with litter close to the source. Once a month, we meet at one of our local shopping streets for a clean-up and a cuppa afterwards.

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