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3000Spring Clean The City

Spring Clean The City is an annual event organsied by BeachPatrol Australia to clean the CBD of all the single use plastic driink related items that have been littered. This includes, drink bottles, coffee cups & lids, other cups and straws.  The aim is to stop them washing into the Yarra River to then end up in the Bay.   The event is about raising awarness of the problem of single use plastic.    Many 100's of people gather for 2 hours to and are assigned areas to go to so that we clean every street and laneway of the city and bring it all back to a central point for counting and exhibiting. Media are invited to highlight the event.

This is not a normal group people can sign up to for performing monthly cleans.  Please check out other Love Our Street groups near you!

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Check out the video of Spring Clean the City 2022

Spring Clean the City 2022 VIDEO by Polly O'Donovan from BeachPatrol on Vimeo.


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3000 Love Our Street streets around Park Hyatt Hotel, corp clean RMH 2024-05-01
by springcleanthecity@beachpatrol.com.au

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01-May-2024 10.0 30 15:00

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