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20 Dec

Meet Simon, leader at Chelsea BeachPatrol

Simon Fabrikant - 3196 Chelsea BeachPatrol 


My involvement started in 2015 when 3199 Frankston BeachPatrol got up and running. I jumped in to 3198 Seaford BeachPatrol as well and have seen some really inspiring leaders within both groups; I decided now was the time to "step up" & reinvigorate Chelsea residents with my co-leader Jimmy Pote.


As a co-group leader I'm inspired and motivated by the growing number of young kids and teens attending cleans. I love inspiring young people with our/the story behind why we do what we do and believe they'll become strong advocates for BeachPatrol and generate interest in the broader community.


I like the friendly, supportive atmosphere at cleans, along with volunteers seeing first hand the great value they add to the bay environment. It is important to celebrate the success and achievements the community volunteers bring to this part of our world. 


In October 2022 I worked alongside like minded volunteers at Indigenous Rangers at Djulpan Beach, remote east Arnhem Land, where over a 16 day period we removed 11 tonne of plastics from 4.5km of turtle nesting grounds. It is good to see this data captured and used to lobby manufacturers and promote change.


Above all, I simply love feeding off the goodness of like-minded people at cleans, where we all hope for positive change & better things ahead.

Thanks everyone. Stay awesome!!


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