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31 Mar

Meet Wes, leader at BP 3220 Geelong

His journey with BeachPatrol began in June 2019 when the previous leader left the area. Wes's motivation stems from personal experiences and a deep understanding of the detrimental impacts of littering on the environment and community.


Wes actively raises awareness through various channels. He engages with the community through cross-posting on social media, Geocaching events, shopping centre stalls, and presentations for schools and community groups. He also leverages press coverage, one-on-one interactions, and partnerships with organizations like Scouts. When not running BeachPatrol activities Wes even finds time to attend Friends of Waurn Ponds Creek, Friends of Cowies Creek, Rubbish Rangers Torquay and BP3030 Werribee events!


Wes's greatest success lies in inspiring individuals to take action. He emphasizes the significance of even the smallest efforts in making a difference. For Wes, the community impact of BeachPatrol is multifaceted, with some individuals adopting positive behaviors while others continue to litter. 


"It doesn't matter how little you do, it can have an impact. I picked up a glass bottle that was thrown into the sand dunes at Barwon Heads. Inside were over sixty dead beetles that had crawled inside then couldn't get out. That's sixty chances of producing a next generation lost. Sixty meals for birds and reptiles denied. If a single bottle can have that effect, what effect does picking up that single bottle have?"

While Wes primarily focuses on full audit cleans, the group encounters various common litter items, including cigarette butts, food wrappers, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and glass bottles.


"In 2023 Geelong BeachPatrol volunteers collected: 3,447 cigarette butts, 479 food wrappers, 376 aluminium cans, 229 plastic bottles, 171 glass bottles."

BeachPatrol 3220 conducts cleans on the fourth Saturday of each month at six locations around Corio Bay, with an average attendance of 20 volunteers.  Looking ahead, Wes plans to explore additional avenues for community engagement and delegation of responsibilities within the group.


Wes's dedication to environmental stewardship and community engagement shines through, making a positive impact on the Geelong region.

Thank you Wes and Juliet!

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