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07 Jan

2023 BeachPatrol & Love Our Street highlights

What a year! Our 2023 clean up data is in 📢

Last year our volunteer groups spent almost 9,800 hours cleaning Victoria's beaches, streets and open spaces. The marine animals have a better chance thanks to the volunteers' actions. 🐢🐟🐧


Through our LitterStopper app 1,825 data entries were submitted to the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action to help guide the state's litter and waste management policy.📊


Together, we removed 24.4 tons of litter from the environment. That includes over 366,000 pieces of plastic, 75,000 butts and 47,000 CDS eligible containers 🚭🚯♻️

Full detailed reporting on the litter items collected is available here.


Thank you to the volunteers across Victoria who take part in BeachPatrol and Love Our Street clean ups. You have done a great job! 🙌🙏


Watch the highlight reel:






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