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17 Jun

Seaford a seabed of nurdles.. A 3 day audit of Seaford Beach

Ross |

See attached PDF for this report on nurdles at Seaford beach.

80% of the litter found on our beaches in Seaford, is from the manufacturers who make our plastic products. A three day in-a-row audit of Seaford Beach showed alarming results, confirming what was a devastating amount of plastic on our beaches. The beach audits were completed on the same 9 square metre locations on the same beach, over three days, from the 21st - 23rd of May 2023, as per the  Port Phillip Eco Centre’s Clean Bay BluePrint audit methods.  The results showed that per one square metre on the beach there was an average of 94 items, 75 of which were plastic production pellets. The average shower base in Australia  is 90cm x 90cm. So imagine just a bit larger than your shower base, there’s almost 100 pieces of litter, and 75 of those are lazily spilled from plastic factories. 80% of all items found were plastic pre-production pellets.  This figure is alarming.

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