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Archive for 2021, December

04 Dec

3280 WARRNAMBOOL 3280 levies beach 04 Dec 2021

Hair tie 2 crude oil balls Sunscreen bottle Bottom of large bottle Broken glass
04 Dec

3184 Elwood 3184 Elwood Junction: shops and nearby streets 04 Dec 2021

Lovely to see members who have not been able to join us for a while. Polystyrene beads too numerous to count, derived from a building site in Ruskin St. Numerous soft plastic wrappers from frozen icy...
03 Dec

3280 WARRNAMBOOL 3280 second bay/shelly beach 03 Dec 2021

4 crude oil deposits, 1 pen lid, 1 shampoo container, 1 toilet freshener holder remnant, 1 shotgun wadding,