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The BeachPatrol vision is to have strong communities living in a healthy environment with no plastic pollution.

LitterStopped In 3184Elwood

16 May

3184 Elwood 3184 Elwood residential streets, JGS🐧 16 May 2024

Three bags full: local streets after bin day. Some rubbish misses the truck; some is accidentally dropped; some is intentionally littered. This photo j t
10 May

3184 Elwood 3184 Elwood streets, Elster Creek path, Brighton Rd. JGS🐧 10 May 2024

That was a one person, one hour, two bags full, three kilogram, 70 cents (CDS refund) walk. This plastic hubcap had been driven over and broken. A dumped plastic watering can and plastic building supp...
01 May

3184 Elwood 3184 Elwood Canal TH 01 May 2024

Collected over several days, following poly bead spill a week ago.