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LitterStopped In 3024Manor lakes

02 Jun

3024 Manor Lakes 3024 Wyndham Vale Square CS 02 Jun 2024

About 135kgs comprising about 70 glass bottles, 40 plastic bottles and 20 aluminium cans. A significant quantity of fast food and general rubbish, plus some timber, cardboard, tree guards, electrical...
05 May

3024 Manor Lakes 3024 Ballan Road, Manor Lakes 05 May 2024

General takeaway food litter, tyres and wheels, timber and laminate from a kitchen bench refurbishment, polystyrene, advertising signs.
07 Apr

3024 Manor Lakes 3024 Lollipop Creek CS 07 Apr 2024

Additional items include a bed spring, a sheet of laser lite, two shopping trolleys, polystyrene pieces, about 15kgs of cardboard including pizza boxes.
04 Feb

3024 Manor Lakes 3024 Linear Park, Manor Lakes CS 04 Feb 2024

The vast majority was fast food litter including, McDonalds and KFC food and drink containers; potato chip packets, chocolate wrappers, lolly bags etc. there was, however, a significant reduction in t...