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The BeachPatrol vision is to have strong communities living in a healthy environment with no plastic pollution.

LitterStopped In 3931Mornington

21 Jan

3931 MORNINGTON 3931 mothers beach 21 Jan 2023

Good attendance given such a long hiatus. Feedback from participants was that beach was overall fairly clean Can’t see where to add photos of paper cardboard general. Very few cigarette butts.
30 Jan

3931 MORNINGTON 3931 Mornington Mother’s Beach 30 Jan 2022

32.9kg of waste collected and a paint roller brush and handle.
31 Jan

3931 MORNINGTON mother’s beach 31 Jan 2021

Large Asbestos pieces of beach huts x 17 Broken glass x 132 pieces Paper and cardboard x 207