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The BeachPatrol vision is to have strong communities living in a healthy environment with no plastic pollution.

05 Dec

3188 HAMPTON 3188 Sandringham Dog Beach 05 Dec 2021

Type Of Clean: Total Items Counted: Location: Notes:
Full Audit Clean 142 Sandringham Dog Beach Quick highlight: To say goodbye to 2021, our December destination was The dog beach (next to Sandringham Yacht club, it was a beautiful sunny morning. The crew enjoyed a lovely coffee afterwards at the Sandy HQ. 12Kgs worth of rubbish; 72 recyclables, lots of cigarette butts, and no syringes. Discovery of dumped rubbish which included 1x oven and multiple kitchen titles Thank you to the 12 volunteers who came along to help keep our beaches clean. We welcomed 5 new members to our group. Amazing effort team. Save the date: To start the year with a bang 3188 Beach Patrol crew are will be at Green Point Carpark on Sunday 2nd of January 2022. 9-10am Sunday 9th of January 2022 Please bring your own bags, pick up sticks and gloves. Everyone is welcome so spread the word.
Bottle Glass Drink: Bottle Plastic Drink: Can Metal Drink: PPE Items:
16 6 18 9
Hard Bits > 5cm: Hard Bits < 5cm: Soft Pieces > 5cm: Soft Pieces < 5cm:
0 0 0 0
Micro Plastic < 5mm: Food Wrapper: Food Container: Lollipop Stick:
0 0 2 0
Sauce Pack: Bags Plastic: Bag Ziplock: Straw:
0 4 0 10
Bottle Top: Bottle Label: Cup Coffee: Cup Other:
0 0 19 3
Balloon: Cutlery: Bait Bag: Fishing Items:
0 3 0 0
Poly/Foam: Butt Cigarette: Cigarette Packs & Wrappers: Syringe:
2 50 0 0
Cotton Bud: Building Items: Nurdles: U Name It:
0 0 0 0
Latitude: Longitude: Time(hh:mm): No Of People:
-37.9260 144.9861 01:00 12
Person Hrs: Kgs: Total Bags (12L): Audited Bags (12L):
12:00 12 22.0 22.0
Length (m): Width (m): Area (m2):  
2000 100 200000