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30 Nov

Meet Julie O LOS 3190 Group Leader

Ross |

“Like many people during lockdown I was able to rediscover my local neighbourhood with daily walks. I bought a litter picker from Bunnings and would take a garbage bag out with me to collect rubbish.  One night I found information online about Love Our Street (LOS) and contacted Kathy from the Cheltenham Group who welcomed me, supported me and with Jill’s help set me on a path to establishing my own group.   My approach with my group LOS Highett, is to enjoy each event and appreciate everyone that comes along.  I get very excited when I see how much we have collected too.  I love that people are seeing our events in our local community Facebook group and joining us each month.  I also love that Kathy from LOS Cheltenham and Simon from BeachPatrol Sandringham come to my events and I go to theirs, we support each other.   I organised a group for Clean Up Australia and we cleaned our local park and went to my first Spring Clean the City this year.  I really appreciate feeling part of such a positive community and want to thank Kathy, Simon and also Jill, Ross and Ramona for all of the work they do and the support and friendship they have shown me, thank you!”

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