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BeachPatrol schools program

Educating our students today will lead to a better tomorrow

Our schools program

Supporting environmental education in schools

BeachPatrol regularly visits primary and secondary schools. We host educational sessions focussing on plastic litter and its impact on the environment and marine life

We can also take students out on a beach or street litter survey experience. During these exercises the students work in small groups along the beach or street to record the litter count and type using BeachPatrol survey sheets.

At the end of the survey the sheets are collated and the students spend time categorising and documenting the litter picked up in that session. This provides a great opportunity for raising awareness and helps inform how to cut back on common problem waste items. 

Download our schools engagement brochure here.


Recent School Activities

Activity Date School Name School Grade No Students Event Desc Image
10 Aug 2022 Glen Iris Sacre Coeur High School Year 9 17

17 students went again on Gardiners creek to clean up rubbish.   They removed 23 kilos, 918 itrems inc 27 glass bottles, 32 plastic bottles and 18 cans.

03 Aug 2022 Glen Iris Sacre Coeur High School Year 9 23

23 students were invovled in this clean on Gardiners creek trail.  They removed 13 kg of rubbish over 45 mins.

27 Jul 2022 Glen Iris Sacre Coeur High School Year 9 23

23 pupils from Sacre Coeur were taken by 3145 Love Our Street on to the Dorothy Laver Reserve.

03 Mar 2022 Albert Park College Year 9 250

BeachPatrol was contacted to meet with the whole year 9 class to teach them about plastic litter and its data collection.  Followed by a 20 min beach clean.     This was conducted over 6 classes over 3 weeks.

14 Jun 2021 Mentone Primary Year 1 and 2 50

Mentone Beach Patrol was kindly asked by Mentone Primary School to give a talk about Beach Patrol, what we do and the problems with litter. They were a great bunch of kids who were pretty switched on and very eager to ask so many questions. The school promotes the Nude Food program where parents are encouraged not to use plastic packaging so I'm sure this rubs off onto the kids which is great.

18 May 2021 Port Melbourne Primary Grade 3 80

We conducted a 30 min presentation/dicussion with four Grade 3 classes this morning.  It is amazing how much these little kids know.  Gives hope for the future as they get older.

23 Apr 2021 Melbourne Grammer Prep 80

80 Prep Students were brough out for education on plastic litter on beaches as well as education on 3 other beach environmental activites.

31 Mar 2020 Albert Park Secondary Year 9 33 33 Students from 2 Year 9 classes were given an intro to data collection by collecting plastic rubbish off a Port Melburne beach. Between them they removed over 1300 pieces off a 300 m long beach over 30 minutes.
06 Aug 2019 Albert Park Secondary Year 11 25

With this class, they were involved in community environment work. We had a talk on plastics and their getting loose in the environment. The excellent documentary BayKeepers was shown which the students were quite engaged in.

02 Aug 2019 Lady Foster Kindergarten Kindergarten 23

Meli from Elwood BeachPatrol took these little ones on a beach clean and a talk on plastic on the beaches."It was incredible! The children were super charged to help collect rubbish and were all over the dangers of plastics to the marine and land animals. The kids will be wearing the BP TShirts regularly and taking it turns to be the BP leaders in them. Great hope for the future! "