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New Leader sought for our Mt Eliza group.  Our current leader has to step down due to other commitments. The position involves 3-4 hours a month, which includes 1 hour of cleaning with the group, counting some of the litter and submitting it on the Litterstopper app, posting next clean on FB page, and sending out two emails to the group announcing the next clean date and thanking for participation in  recent clean.  All training provided.

Being a group leader is a great way to meet many local people and become a community leader along the way. If interested please send email to admin@beachpatrol.com.au. Thank you.

Mt Eliza BeachPatrol aims to protect our precious marine life by removing rubbish & debris from our bay beaches and foreshore. We also strive to raise the awareness of the Mt Eliza community and visitors of why it is important to keep our beaches clean.

Regular beach visitors will notice that the beach is often littered with rubbish, particularly after heavy rains or storms, when storm water brings street litter to the Bay, and debris are washed in from other areas. The task of cleaning this rubbish is more than Council can manage and that's where BeachPatrol comes in.

Our fabulous volunteers are community minded locals who share a passion for keeping our beaches clean for everyone to enjoy. We encourage volunteers to become regulars but understand everyone is time poor. That's why 1 hour is the perfect amount of time. Come on down to our next clean up, bring the kids and get them involved. Tell your friends and help spread the word.

You can also find us on Facebook, also follow ‘Waste Wise Mornington Peninsula’s Facebook page for updates on local BeachPatrol events and a daily dose of ‘waste wise’ tips. You can also head to their website for a comprehensive ‘waste wise’ blog, green pages business directory and a list of BYO container friendly venues.

See you at the next clean up!


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3930 BeachPatrol Sunnyside JO 2024-06-23
by 3930@beachpatrol.com.au

One volunteer collected 44 polystyrene pieces! Another one counted 131 cigarette butts!! 3 McDonald’s glasses. 3 red bul...

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Activity Date No. bags Litter - Kg Vol. Hrs
23-Jun-2024 3.0 5 02:30

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Daveys Bay 10am

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Butt Cigarette
Bottle Plastic Drink

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