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We help to look after the precious inner-city Port Melbourne beaches


3207Port Melbourne

Helping to look after the Precious inner-city Port Melbourne beaches, 3207BeachPatrol conducts a clean along one of its 5 stretches of beach every month.

The bright blue tee shirts of the volunteers make for a colourful addition to the beaches once a month on Saturday mornings.   See BeachPatrol 3207 in action to save the local community here.

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3207 BeachPatrol Port Melbourne beach -AB 2024-07-20
by 3207@beachpatrol.com.au

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3207Port Melbourne Last Group Data

Activity Date No. bags Litter - Kg Vol. Hrs
20-Jul-2024 0.8 6 01:00

Next Group Clean Date And Location

Princes Pier 9-10am

In this year

Most Common Items Selected
Soft Pieces < 5cm
Hard Bits < 5cm
Food Wrapper

Spotting plastic nurdles (Occurrences)

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