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Carrum BeachPatrol looks after an area that ranges from the Pier at Keast Park right up to Patterson River and then along the river. The Council does a terrific job sweeping the beaches every week but there's always things that slip through their net. That's where we come in, as a second wave of beach rubbish combers. 

The Foreshore revegetation zone on the dunes is also an important area for us to look after. Lots of bits and pieces end up there - clothing, bottles, cans, wrappers, old signs and a variety of odd things like guitars and soft toys! One of the biggest challenges, however, comes from Patterson River. Locals know that every time it storms or rains for a day or so, rubbish of all shapes and sizes ends up on Carrum's beach. It's a big issue, but we play our role to keep the beaches clean. Carrum Beach Patrol is another way we can work together to protect a unique part of the world.

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3197 BeachPatrol Carrum Beach 2024-06-22
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22-Jun-2024 1.0 3.7 07:00

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Carrum Beach, SLSC 09:00

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