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Mentone beaches are wonderful to stroll along



3194 BeachPatrol looks after the picturesque beaches of Mentone. 

Mentone beach is at the northern most end of a 20km stretch of open beach that ends at Frankston. The beach is backed by cliffs which were the subject of many famous paintings in the early 1900s. Access to the beach is via steps and a ramp from car parks off Beach Road. The beach is popular with locals and visitors alike especially in summer where dogs are able to be walked on leash.

3194 BeachPatrol was launched in early April 2014. The local residents and members of the  lifesaving club and surrounding school communities have banded together to help create a cleaner, safer beach for all to enjoy.

The three lengths of beach that 3194BeachPatrol cleans are 1) Charman Road to Kitchner Street car park, 2) Kitchener street car park to Mentone Hotel, 3) Mentone Hotel to Warrigal Road

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3194 BeachPatrol mentone pn 2024-07-20
by 3194@beachpatrol.com.au

Today we had 2 volunteers for our July Beach Patrol and collected 6 bags of rubbish weighing 16.2kgs including 27 bottle...

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Activity Date No. bags Litter - Kg Vol. Hrs
20-Jul-2024 6.0 16.2 02:00

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Food Wrapper
Soft Pieces > 5cm
Butt Cigarette

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