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Our Purpose

BeachPatrol is a litter collection volunteer group spread over many postcodes. Within each postcode there is a group of locals who pick up litter from their beaches or streets or parks once a month. The litter is mostly plastic items. We want to stop them getting into the ocean and prevent harm to wildlife. Collection data is saved on this site. The data collection and distribution is a key part of what BeachPatrol performs. We use this data to advocate for changes that will reduce litter:  raising awareness of littered beaches and streets and working with local and state government to address this issue.

What does it mean if I join?
When you join a group you will receive an email about 1 week in advance of the next clean for that group. If you are free you can come along for the one hour to join others. There is no commitment to attend every clean:  you're welcome whenever you can join in.

Litter Stopper Phone App

We have written a new phone app for keeping track of the various common types of litter we pick up. Preprogrammed for BeachPatrol and Love our Street groups, it makes it easy for each group to enter their collection data. The app is also designed for anyone doing a clean to enter their own data and know it is being used for Victorian analysis. The data can be viewed on www.litterstopper.com . The app is free from the app stores.

Our Recent News

Two new BeachPatrol groups were recently launched. This brings our total number of groups to 30 operating around the bay with approx 5000 people now engaged. Can we get some out of State groups to start in other locations?

Love Our Street Too

Recognising that the litter on our beaches and in the sea largely derives from sources on land, Love Our Street volunteers actively make a difference to the litter in our local public spaces. We aim to normalise litter-free places and to show by our actions that we want clean neighbourhoods

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How much difference has BeachPatrol made

  • 322

    Kgs Of Rubbish Collected

  • 173

    Shopping Bags Of Rubbish

  • 174

    Volunteer Hours

  • 92,332

    Kgs Of Rubbish Collected

  • 32,861

    Shopping Bags Of Rubbish

  • 42036

    Volunteer Hours

Overall Totals

In This Year BeachPatrol Groups

Most Common Items Collected

Chart Soft Pieces > 5cmMicro Plastic < 5mmFood WrapperHard Bits < 5cmCan Metal DrinkHard Bits > 5cmButt CigaretteBottle Glass DrinkBottle Plastic DrinkPoly/Foam

In this year LOS groups

Most Common Items Collected

Chart Butt CigaretteCan Metal DrinkPPE ItemsCoffee CupU Name ItBottle Plastic DrinkBottle Glass DrinkBottle TopPoly/FoamStraw

Upcoming Events

Event Start Title Location Description
30 Aug 2022 09:08:00 BeachPatrol Event Port Melb TOwnhall

Test of event three


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Wednesday, 20 January 2021
3188 Love Our Street fewster road 2021-01-20

Paper 31 lid 5 cloth 4 string 1 lighter 1 cotton bud 1 metal 2 peg 1

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