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BeachPatrol provides organisations with meaningful opportunities to give back to the community

Our corporate volunteering program

Activate, connect & engage

BeachPatrol's corporate volunteering program supports organisations in achieving their corporate social responsibility & sustainability goals. Activating colleagues in pursuit of a common goal is a great way to connect and build strong teams. Not to mention the positive impact on the environment!

"Thank you so much for a great and eye opening day! In my personal life I am so much more conscious of my behaviour and in our professional life we are motivated to make a difference!"

We can host education sessions about plastic litter and its impact to our environment and marine life.

We can also take staff out on a beach or street litter surveying experience. During these exercises your employees work in small groups along the beach or street to record the litter using BeachPatrol survey sheets. At the end of the survey the sheets are collated and the teams spend time categorising and documenting the litter picked up in that session. This provides a great engagement opportunity and raises awareness around how to reduce common problem waste items. 

A non-tax deductible donation is requested to support BeachPatrol's ongoing operational costs. For more details on our Corporate program, please download the brochure here.

Contact us for any questions and to discuss how BeachPatrol can support your organisation.


Recent Corporate Activities

Activity Date Company # of Volunteers Event Description Image
19 Jun 2019 Nestle Australia 41

This was a massive clean aroud Port Melbourne Streets. Far more than antcipated. 870 drink bottles and cans plus 46 other bags or rubbish. Where is the #cashforcontainersvic scheme this shows we so badly need?

08 Jun 2019 Newcrest Mining Limited 6 6 People from Newcrest Mining Ltd jined our St Kilda BeachPatrol clean in June. The removed 43 bottles and cans with 75 kg or rubbih off the beach.
03 Jun 2019 Nestle Health Science 41 Over 40 staff came out to volunteer on a street clean today around South Melbourne. 227 bottles and cans later with 45 bags of rubbish they were happy they had made such a big difference. Thanks to Lucy for organising them.
21 May 2019 Cox Automotive 6 These 6 staff came out to join the Mentone 3194 BeachPatrol group on a beach clean.
19 May 2019 AIG 4 4 Volunteers from AIG came out on a Beach clean. They collected 721 pieces of plastic off the beach over an hour.
28 Feb 2019 Newman College 17

These students cleaned along the north side of the Yarra River down town Melbourne. The collected 144 drink bottles and cans along with 44 coffee cups, 34 other cups and 100 bottle tops amongst other littered items.    

21 Feb 2019 Raw Travel 7 7 Volunteers cleaned mostly at Sunnyside Mount Eliza for 1.5 hrs plus 30 mins at Main Beach Mornington. The latter they collected 98 bottles & cans. 20bags, 80kgs. Mostly plastic wrappers. Shoreline at Sunnyside was filthy, lots of plastic washed up. Nurdles were observed.
21 Feb 2019 Point Advisory 8 8 Volunteers cleaned along Sandridge beach. They removed 1845 pieces of plastic rubbish in 24 different categories.
20 Feb 2019 Telstra JLL 8 8 volunteers cleaned along a Port Melbourne beach and along Beach road median strip for an hour. The strip trees were full of bottles and cans. 85 bottles and cans 71 straws 31 coffee cups 44 other cups The group sorted the rubbish out at the end to count the main items.
14 Feb 2019 Factset 16 The volunteers cleaned Sandridge beach and surrounds above the beach. They performed option 3 of the surveys to do a full 24 item audit. In all they collected 1768 pieces of plastic The recyclables was 22 in total. There were 4 bags in total.