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The Seaford Foreshore Reserve is one of the few remaining substantial, continuous strands of natural coastal vegetation near Melbourne. Seaford is notable for this reserve, which divides the beach from Nepean Highway along the whole length of the suburb. This reserve was the site for an extensive dune restoration program undertaken by the Port Phillip Authority in 1972, under the title of the "Seaford Experimental Project". 


The program involved extensive areas of fencing, revegetation and the installation of walking tracks, seats, tables and shelters. The Seaford beach is a long stretch of beautiful beach and 3198Beachpatrol wants to keep it that way. We meet once a month to spend an hour cleaning litter off our beach, then go to a local café afterwards for a coffee and chat. We meet on Sunday mornings. Sign up to get on our email list for cleaning notifications. See us on facebook too.

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3198 BeachPatrol opp McCulloch JO 2022-01-23
by 3198@beachpatrol.com.au

High covid numbers in the community likely to have affected turn out

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23-Jan-2022 5.0 3.3 11:00

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Opposite Seaford Rd beach (opp Woolworths) 9am-10am

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