BeachPatrol Helping Schools Education

Beachpatrol can come to schools both primary and secondary, to put on presentations about plastic litter, what it is doing to our environment and marine life

We can also take students out on a beach or street litter survey. During these exercises the students work in small groups along the beach or street to record the litter count and type using Beachpatrol survey sheets. At the end of the survey the sheets are collated and the students work out total litter picked up in that session and what the litter types are.

Recent School Activities

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09 Aug 2018Albert Park SecondaryYear 935Another dual class litter collection. One class was taken down to a Port Melbourne beach and the other went around streets around Bay St. They collected and audited the litter types as the went. The students were given an appreciation of the amount and type of litter around.
05 Aug 2018Duke of Edinburgh StudentYear 91We offer students a community volunteering opportunity for their Duke of Edinburgh leadership requirements. They do 12 weeks of 1 hour per week on a beach survey and litter collection. This is Rads cleaning plastic out of a rock groyne in Port Melbourne
26 Jul 2018Albert Park SecondaryYear 950This class was split in half. Half going to do a street clean and the other half going to do a street clean about Bay St. They cleaned for 30 mins. The street cleaning students found more litter. Including 32 bottles and cans
14 Jun 2018Albert Park PrimaryYear 665A mid winter beach clean for the students so not much expected on the beach. Still over 40 mins they removed 2021 pieces of plastic and glass.
05 Jun 2018Port Melbourne PrimaryGrade 3150Three classes were spoken to today on World Environment Day about plastic in the school yard ending up in the Bay.