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3195 Parkdale Beach Patrol - First Beach Clean

3195 Parkdale Beach Patrol are holding their first beach clean at 10am on 23 August 2014 meeting at the Parkdale War Memorial.

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Plastic Bottles an Irresponsible Product

We need a Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria and Australia

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Cigarette Butts pollute Port Melbourne

3207Beachpatrol did another cigarette but survey up Bay St Port Melbourne.   This time 3933 butts were collected in an hour.

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Cigarette Butts are so Littered

How can the 14% of the population that smoke ruin the environment for the other 86% of us so badly and yet very little is done about it.  There is a $520 fine for cigarette butt littering yet it is not enforced.

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Did you know? Can recycling

It takes about 100 gms of coal to make a new Aluminium can for a soft drink.   But to remake a can from a recycled can only takes about 5 gms of coal.   So don't trash those cans, recycle them in a recycle bin or take them home. 

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Beaches Littered with Bottles.

Port Melbourne Beaches heavily littered in the recent heat wave.

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3184Beachpatrol Makes Big Impression at Elwood Village Festival

3184Beachpatrol signs up a multitude of new members at local Elwood festival

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Elwood 3184Beachpatrol Launch Meeting

All the current zone managers and new leaders for 3184Beachpatrol gathered at Elwood for a launch meeting on last Saturday.  Attendance at the upcoming Elwood Village Festival was confirmed and a date of 7th Dec confirmed as the first beach clean.

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3207Beachpatrol at Work on First Point Beach

3207Beachpatrol after October Clean up

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3186Beachpatrol receives grant from Bayside Council

We have just had our first cash contribution by way of a cheque presented from Bayside Council for 3186 Beach Patrol, which will firstly help with a much needed reprint of caps and t-shirts.

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