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New litter collection bags

New litter collection bags for BeachPatrol have arrived.   These new bags will further brand the image of BeachPatrol all along our coast and make our dedicated volunteers look more stylish  when on the beach!     Thanks to a grant from the Port Phillip Council.

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Plastics in our Oceans have a Devestating Toll on Wildlife

On Wed 17th Sept, Dr J Lavers gave a talk on her research into the effects of plastic in the oceans on its wildlife.  Heart wrenching at times she show videos of Albatrosses feeing bottle caps to their young who would then die of starvation with a stomach full of plastic bits they could not digest or pass.

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3195 Parkdale Beach Patrol - First Beach Clean

3195 Parkdale Beach Patrol are holding their first beach clean at 10am on 23 August 2014 meeting at the Parkdale War Memorial.

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Plastic Bottles an Irresponsible Product

We need a Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria and Australia

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Cigarette Butts pollute Port Melbourne

3207Beachpatrol did another cigarette but survey up Bay St Port Melbourne.   This time 3933 butts were collected in an hour.

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Cigarette Butts are so Littered

How can the 14% of the population that smoke ruin the environment for the other 86% of us so badly and yet very little is done about it.  There is a $520 fine for cigarette butt littering yet it is not enforced.

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Did you know? Can recycling

It takes about 100 gms of coal to make a new Aluminium can for a soft drink.   But to remake a can from a recycled can only takes about 5 gms of coal.   So don't trash those cans, recycle them in a recycle bin or take them home. 

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Beaches Littered with Bottles.

Port Melbourne Beaches heavily littered in the recent heat wave.

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3184Beachpatrol Makes Big Impression at Elwood Village Festival

3184Beachpatrol signs up a multitude of new members at local Elwood festival

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Elwood 3184Beachpatrol Launch Meeting

All the current zone managers and new leaders for 3184Beachpatrol gathered at Elwood for a launch meeting on last Saturday.  Attendance at the upcoming Elwood Village Festival was confirmed and a date of 7th Dec confirmed as the first beach clean.

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