On Wed 17th Sept, Dr J Lavers gave a talk on her research into the effects of plastic in the oceans on its wildlife.  Heart wrenching at times she show videos of Albatrosses feeing bottle caps to their young who would then die of starvation with a stomach full of plastic bits they could not digest or pass.  The Shearwater birds of Lord Howe Island suffer a similar fate in the 1000's.  100% of chick on Lord Howe have plastic fragments in their stomachs now.  Up from 70% just 20 years ago.  Pictured is Dr Lavers with bags.  each bag shows the contents found in one bird.  Her over all message was to heavily reduce our plastic consumption, reduce bottles, plastic bags, plastic tooth brushes, plastic lighters.  These are all common consumer items that are not necessary and would save so many animals from a torturous death.