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40,000 Littered Cans and Bottles Picked up. We need a CDS!

For the BeachPatrol group in 2019 we counted at least 39,564 bottles and cans that has been littered on beaches and streets that we picked up.  Some groups has not reported their EOY data either by this date.    Is there any question that Victoria needs a Cash for Containers scheme?  

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The Last Plastic Straw

3207Beachpatrol in conjunction with others has started a 3 month trial along Bay St. Port Melbourne.   Nine cafes and restaurants are replacing their plastic straws with paper straws. We find so many plastic straws on the beaches.

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A Photographic Delight

See the fantastic colours and marine life in our own Port Phillip Bay.  Melbourne down under books and DVD for sale by BeachPatrol

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6,700 Beachpatrol groups needed

6,700 Beachpatrol groups needed.    Eight million tonnes of plastic are going into the ocean each year

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Cigarette Butts pollute Port Melbourne

3207Beachpatrol did another cigarette but survey up Bay St Port Melbourne.   This time 3933 butts were collected in an hour.

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Cigarette Butts are so Littered

How can the 14% of the population that smoke ruin the environment for the other 86% of us so badly and yet very little is done about it.  There is a $520 fine for cigarette butt littering yet it is not enforced.

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Beaches Littered with Bottles.

Port Melbourne Beaches heavily littered in the recent heat wave.

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3207Beachpatrol at Work on First Point Beach

3207Beachpatrol after October Clean up

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