New litter collection bags for BeachPatrol have arrived.   These new bags will further brand the image of BeachPatrol all along our coast and make our dedicated volunteers look more stylish  when on the beach!     Thanks to a grant from the Port Phillip Council.

With these bags,

  • - We get to promote our own image a lot more with high visibility on any beach
  • - Zone no longer have to bring plastic bags for their members.  The aim of BeachPatrol is to reduce plastic usage anywhere.
  • - These bags form an important standardisation of our website reporting data.  Now we'll all have the same size bag to report.  Each bag will weigh approx. 5 kg when full on average.
  • - These bags are made from recycled bottles.    Yes, so some of all those bottles we pick up are being used to pick up more bottles!
  • - The bags are normally brought to a beach clean even by the zone manager then collected back at the end.  This avoids them getting lost.