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Saturday, 25 March 2017 6:06:14 AM
A New Survey Method to determine Plastic Litter in Port Phillip Bay
A daily tide line survey was conducted on a fixed section of 35 m long beach for 365 days.   The purpose was to determine how much plastic is washing out of the bay every yer.  The survey had to be performed for a year as the seasonal winds vary a lot and winds are the main factor affecting the plastic washing out of the bay.

The results were 126,295 pieces of plastic washed out in the one year on that specific 35 m long section.  When considered with the wind strength and directions, around the whole Bay perimeter,  an estimated 374 million pieces of plastic wash out of the Bay in 12 months.

Full details can be read in the attached paper.   This clearly shows Australia needs more control of the plastic litter situation to protect its environments.

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