BP 3934 Covering the Mount Martha Beaches

3934 Beach Patrol

Mt Martha beach is a beautiful picturesque beach near the Mt Martha Village. The beach stretches from North beach to South beach with the Balcombe Estuary that opens to the beach at different times. The water is beautifully clear and the beach is popular with many tourists during peak periods. Many people from Iceberger swimmers, dog walkers, local residents, Life Saving Club members and BERG (Balcombe Estuary Reserves Group) clean up at the beach regularly. We will have monthly clean ups for the whole community to get involved in on the last Sunday of each month..

How much difference has 3934 group made in this year?

Kgs of rubbish collected Shopping bags of rubbish Volunteer Hours Bottles & cans

How much difference has 3934 group made in Previous years?

Kgs of rubbish collected Shopping bags of rubbish Volunteer Hours Bottles & cans
671 321 446 1538

Most Recent 3934 Group Activities

December 2019 Mount Martha Clean by 3934@beachpatrol.com.au
November 2019 Clean Up by 3934@beachpatrol.com.au

Finally the sun decided to join us for our Beach Patrol Clean up. YAY 

Another massive effort with 57.6 kgs of rubbish collected today off the beach.

And today we did something a bit special, a drone message with bottles. Stay tuned to see the results of that. IT LOOKS AMAZING.

You might have also heard us on the radio too.

Today we had 19 adults and 22 children and collected:

Glass Bottles 52
Plastic Bottles 34
Metal Cans 55
Syringe 0
Bits of Hard Plastic 50
Bits of Soft Plastic 150
Straw 25
Coffee Cup 9
Balloon 0
Cutlery 0
Polystyrene 16
Butt 92
Bottle Tops 81
Bikes (dumped) 2

A massive thank you to all those who joined us today, it really isn't possible without your help and support and a big thanks to those who joined me early to set up for the photo.


October 2019 Clean up by 3934@beachpatrol.com.au

Another clean up done and dusted and wasn't it a big one.

Breaking the record set last month for the most rubbish collected at one of our events (by weight)
💪74.31 kgs💪

Awesome work team. So proud of you all for making such a huge difference. What an amazing community we have.

Today we had 17 adults and 10 children and collected:

Glass Bottles 150
Plastic Bottles 59
Metal Cans 74
Syringe 0
Bits of Hard Plastic 100
Bits of Soft Plastic 250
Straw 31
Coffee Cup 44
Balloon 0
Cutlery 10
Polystyrene 30
Butt 30

Thanks to everyone who joined us, great team effort by all.

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Next 3934 Clean

Cleaning Date Time Activity Details
26-Jan-2020 9:00am Please join us at South Beach Car Park at 9am.

Last 3934 Group Data

Activity Date No.bags litter(Kg) Hrs
29-Dec-2019 30 75 130

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Drink Containers. All bottles and cans for CDS count
Cigarette butts
Plastic fragments >5 cm

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