BP 3280 Covering the Warrnambool and Port Fairy Beaches

3280 Beach Patrol

We live on the rugged shipwreck coast of SW Victoria. During summer our beaches are populated by holiday makers, sunbathers and SLC’s. During winter the waters off Warrnambool are a nursery to the southern right whale. We have a little Penguin Colony and Hooded Plovers and other migratory shore birds nest on our beaches. 

In November 2017, 1,000,000s of Nurdles polluted our local beaches and as a community we came together to clean them up; collecting all the other marine debris that washes up along our coastline along the way.  

We meet up as a group on the first Saturday of the month. Please join our Facebook group or email list for details of our next beach clean-up.


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Most Recent 3280 Group Activities

Summer Series: Killarney Beach by 3280@beachpatrol.com.au
Summer Series: Little East Beach, Port Fairy by 3280@beachpatrol.com.au

Always surprised with the amount of littler we collect. A cursory glance, and you'd think the beach was clean but what lies beneath the undergrowth and around public access areas reveals a lot and is not always pretty! Thanks again to Shire of Moyne for supporting the Event. Awesome job BP volunteers who helped on the day!  Collected from Port Fairy Little East Beach 24.9 Kg

Port Fairy: December 2019 by 3280@beachpatrol.com.au
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3280 BP Contact details

If you want to contribute to keeping Warrnambool beaches clean then Sign up with 3280 BeachPatrol to become a member. As a member you will get:

  • Email updates on news and upcoming activities
  • Free 3280 BeachPatrol Tee shirt 
  • Share some together time at a local cafe after the beach cleaning session
  • Participate in 3280 BeachPatrol social functions

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