BeachPatrol - Corporate Volunteers

Beachpatrol can work with your corporate group. We can, put on presentations about plastic litter, what it is doing to our environment and marine life.

We can also take staff out on a beach or street litter for a survey. During these exercises the people work in small groups along the beach or street to record the litter count and type using Beachpatrol survey sheets. At the end of the survey the sheets are collated and the staff work out the total litter picked up in that session and what the litter types are. This provides a great education to them and helps show them how to cut back on our common problem waste items.
Donations to cover BeachPatrol staff time and are gratefully accepted. They are non taxable at the moment.

Recent Corporate Activities

Activity_Date Company No_Volunteers Event Description Images (200 high)
23 Jun 2018 Vero Insurance 7 7 volunteers came out and spent 1-1/2 hours cleaning a beach in Port Melbourne. 5139 pieces of plastic were removed. Approx 30 kg worth. They categoried it all into 18 different categories so they could understand what were the problem or most prolific items.
15 Dec 2017 Qenos 5 Qenos is a plastic pellet manufacturing company so this was an excellent chance to get some of their staff down to see plastic litter on the beach.
08 Dec 2017 Telstra 6 6 people joined us for a street clean around South Melbourne. They were stunned to learn how much litter they could pick up.
14 Feb 2017 BeCollective 30 743 bottles and cans and 280 kgs of rubbish were collected around the streets of South Melbourne. 36 volunteers removed 75 BeachPatrol bags of rubbish. There was an average of one litter drink container approx. every 8 m on average.