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A finalist in several Keep Australia Beautiful's Clean Beach Awards as well as being named Victoria's Most Popular Beach, Frankston also plays host to the IRONMAN Asia-Pacific Championship and is home to Sand Sculpting Australia. 

With the assistance of Frankston City Council, 3199 Beach Patrol was founded in March 2015 With a view to sustain our local beach environment whilst protecting our delicate and unique Port Phillip marine ecosystem. 

3199 Beach Patrol's group of dedicated volunteers meet on the third Saturday of each month to clean our much loved Frankston beach. We provide a friendly and rewarding opportunity for people of all ages to participate in not only making a visual difference, but also helping to protect Port Phillip. 

Sponsorship and donation enquiries welcome via the Contact link on our website or by emailing 3199@beachpatrol.com.au New Members are always invited to register for 3199 Beach Patrol via the New Member Sign Up tab on our website.

How much difference has 3199 group made in this year?

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Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

Most Recent 3199 Group Activities

3199 Frankston Beach Patrol July 2016 Clean Up by 3199@beachpatrol.com.au

We did it, Frankston - We broke our own record!
Yes, today 26 volunteers helped us to remove a 3199 Frankston Beach Patrol record of 89Kgs of litter! Our previous best was actually our August Clean Up on Frankston Foreshore and not Clean Up Australia Day as I had previously thought in which 43 people removed 71Kgs, so to remove an addition 18kgs with 17 less people is a commendable effort to all who participated.
We'll be back on the Foreshore for our next clean, Saturday September 17, meeting at Frankston Pier, 10. For more details, go to www.beachpatrol.com.au/BeachGroups/3199, LIKE us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FrankstonBeachPatrol or follow us on Twitter at www.twitter.com/3199BeachPatrol 

3199 - 1 year on, still going strong! by 3199@beachpatrol.com.au

Today saw the first clean up for our second year as 3199 Frankston Beach Patrol and what a success our first year was with over 250 hours spent removing over a quarter of a tonne of litter from Frankston's beach.
Our clean up today was equally as successful with 23 volunteers removing another 38Kgs of litter from Long Island Beach, Frankston. We were even lucky enough to have Liberal Candidate for Dunkley, Chris Crewther, come along and give a bit of his time to help out and see first hand why we desperately need such things as a Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria. 
In all, the day was great, the weather was again kind and our team of dedicated volunteers did a fantastic job as always. Unfortunately, we didn't get a group shot this week as I was busy filming for another little 3199FBP side project I'm working on, which you will see in due course.
Lastly, thank you to everyone who made it today, our sponsors and supporter: Frankston City Council, Bunnings Frankston, Fit Body Fit Mind, The Dharma Hub, Section G12, Cignall Frankston, Peninsula Surf Centre, Snap Printing Frankston, Peninsula Camera Centre, Mic Macs Asian Grocer and Foot Street Newsagency, and the people who retweet our tweets and share our Facebook posts - without you all, we could not do the work we do, spread our message and promote a sustainable environment. Thanks you.
*** Don't forget our next clean, July 16, 10am, at Oliver's Hill!

3199 May Beach Clean - A big task! by 3199@beachpatrol.com.au

After recent heavy rain and strong winds, we knew we were in for a big task as 12 of us set out to clean up between Kannanook Creek, Frankston, and Palm Court, Long Island.
Upon arrival, our estimates were confirmed with most of the washed up litter comprising of plastic straws, small to micro plastics including broken plastics, bottle tops and the like, and plastic wrapping such as confectionary and potato chip wrappers.
In total, 25.5Kgs was collected meaning there is 1/40th of a tonne less likely to impact on our marine environment, so a job well done to all involved on a highly commendable effort. 
We'd also like to thank our sponsors and supporters,
Frankston City Council,
Bunnings Warehouse, Frankston,
Fit Body Fit Mind,
The Dharma Hub,
Section G12
Cignall, Frankston,
Peninsula Surf,
Snap Print, Frankston,
Peninsula Camera Centre,
Mic Mac's Oriental Grocer,
Foot Street Newsagency,
ithouti they assistance, our volunteers could not achieve the success they do in removing the litter and raising awareness amongst our broader community, so thank you once again.


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3199 Frankston Beach Patrol fresh clean first Sat 2019 event by 3199@beachpatrol.com.au
We had an amazing fresh clean 2019 Sat beach clean start with many enthusiastic volunteers removing 17 kgs of litter from Long Island beach. Apart from butts & small plastic pieces, we even found money & an inflatable beach swan! Great work from 35 volunteers to give back to the community by helping keep our beach nice & safe for us & marine life!

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