3191BeachPatrol Covering the Sandringham Beaches

Sandringham Beach Patrol is a friendly volunteer beach-cleaning group, who meet for up to an hour each month (we’ll take 30 mins if you’re on the run!) to clean sections of the Sandringham foreshore.

We are a diverse group who share a common interest in caring for the wonderful beach at our doorstep.   

Only one hour a month helps to provide a safer, cleaner, more beautiful environment and a natural unpolluted habitat for marine life and beach creatures.   We believe in the power of “many hands make light work” and that joining Beach Patrol is a simple way of helping within our community.

Members have a simple, but important task, of collecting rubbish, however, we also welcome ideas on promoting a better understanding of packaging and litter in our environment, to the wider community.

Regular beach visitors will notice that the beach is often littered with rubbish, particularly after heavy rains, when storm water brings street litter to the Bay.  The task of cleaning this rubbish is more than Council can manage, but with a little help from BeachPatrol, the area is greatly improved!

We meet at the beach at 9am on the last Sunday of the month.  Become a member to be advised by email of the meeting point of our next clean.

Join us before netball, basketball, shopping or golf – come on the way – every little hand helps! 


How much difference has 3191 group made in this year?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

How much difference has 3191 group made in Previous years?

Kgs of rubbish collectedShopping bags of rubbishVolunteer HoursBottles & cans

Most Recent 3191 Group Activities

3191 March clean up by 3191@beachpatrol.com.au

Thanks to 3191 Beach Patrol!  This month we picked up a whopping 45kg of rubbish, (including approximately 900 cigarette butts!!!) from Sandringham beach.  Well done!

Clean Up Australia Day 3191 by 3191@beachpatrol.com.au

Thanks to everyone who joined the 3191 Clean Up Australia Day group.  Below is an extract from the 2016 Clean Up Australia Day website.

 Over 682,000 volunteers rallied to clean up their local parks, waterways, beaches, sporting fields, bushland and roadways at over 7,117 locations across Australia. This is an increase of nearly 1,000 sites over 2015. 

Since the event started 26 years ago Australians have donated more than 31.2 million hours towards removing accumulated rubbish from their local communities through Clean Up Australia events, removing an estimated 331.5 thousand ute loads of rubbish from more than 166 thousand locations across the country. To put this into context – this is the equivalent of end to end utes from Sydney to Brisbane via the coastline. 

“So long as we are prepared to get involved and get our hands dirty, Clean Up events such as those of this last week will continue to make a difference. The ever increasing presence of plastics, beverage containers and other single-use packaging mean we need to continue to challenge our governments to implement effective waste management and recycling programs to reduce the amount of wasted resource that ends up in our precious environment. Clean Up activities provide vital community led data and feedback that influences decision makers. 

Around 80% of the rubbish removed each year would have been recyclable if it wasn’t left to deteriorate in the environment. 

Thanks to everyone for participating in this great national event; making our country cleaner, safer, and more naturally beautiful!


"Love Where you Live"


3191 April clean up by 3191@beachpatrol.com.au

Great clean up last Sunday at the very picturesque end of Sandringham beach, near Red Bluff cliffs.  Several new faces which was great! We picked up 14kg of rubbish, which is amazing since most of us felt like the most common item was broken polystyrene, straws and cigarette butts.  Not great for the weight stats!  Heading in to the cooler weather now, so hope you still feel inspired to keep cleaning!  We'll be there, rain or shine, but maybe not hail!

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Last 3191 Group Activity

3191 August Clean Up by 3191@beachpatrol.com.au

Thank you everyone for helping clean the beach today!  Total collected was 12.5kg, 35 bottles/cans, 105 cigarette butts, 2 syringes and lots of plastic wrappers and small plastic pieces.

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Plastic fragments < 5cm
Cigarette butts
Plastic chip bags and confectionary wrappers

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