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Activity date : Friday, 22 September 2017
Location : 3184
Full BP/LOS bgs picked up Inc bottles & cans : 5 Bags
Full BP/LOS bgs of drink containers picked up : N/A
Estimated kgs picked up : 10 Kg
Time spent for this event : 20 Hours
Number of collected bottles : 6
Container Volume % of total rubbish : N/A
Number of collected syringes : 3
Cleaned length : 250 m
Cleaned width : 50 m
Cleaned area : 12500 m2
Most common items collected : Plastic fragments < 5cm
Cigarette butts
Plastic chip bags and confectionary wrappers
Were there any nurdles? : 100+

Our decision to delay our September clean up for one week was a winner; the sun's rays warmed us as we cleaned our beautiful beach!  Thanks to our great team of volunteers the beach was looking cleaner and healthier by 10am.  It was great to see a few new faces and always a pleasure to connect with our regular members too!  Although the weight collected this month was relatively low, we all found that our clean up time was spend picking up little pieces, often tiny fragments of plastics or cigarette butts.  This is the stuff that does so much harm to our marine life, both in the water and the coastal bird life too.  Well done team and fingers crossed for some more beautiful spring sunshine at our October clean up.
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