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13 absolute legends joined us this morning for what was shaping up to be a good day. A light breeze meant the soft plastics were constantly moving around us but we did well to collect all that we could. Thank you to Noah and Darcy from Tootgarook Primary school for counting all of the waste we found and to their mum Kelly for bringing them down each and every time. Thanks to everyone else that came and showed your support. It does not go unnoticed!



- 122 recyclable drink containers

- 500+ pieces of soft plastic

- 100+ cigarette butts

- 250+ pieces of hard plastic

- 1 hub cap

- 1 bucket of paint

- 1 pair of binoculars

- 2 tennis balls and 2 golf balls

- 1 stubby holder

- 3 foam boogie boards


It was fair to say that since we hadn't done a thorough clean since February that the area was really impacted with rubbish but as a team we managed to collect it all and help restore it to its natural state.


Our clean only highlights more reason as to why Victoria needs a container desposit scheme (cds) as we could have used this money to fund more of our efforts. We also plan to follow up with the council about the placement of a cigarette butt dispenser or two at the seated and bbq area as well as our bin stands. So stay tuned folks and thanks again for the relentless support! :)

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