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Activity date : Sunday, 30 September 2018
Location : 3941 Tootgarook
Full BP/LOS bgs picked up Inc bottles & cans : 19 Bags
Full BP/LOS bgs of drink containers picked up : N/A
Estimated kgs picked up : 57 Kg
Time spent for this event : 21 Hours
Number of collected bottles : 65
Container Volume % of total rubbish : N/A
Number of collected syringes : 0
Cleaned length : 400 m
Cleaned width : 80 m
Cleaned area : 32000 m2
Most common items collected : Plastic fragments >5 cm
Drink Containers. All bottles and cans for CDS count
Plastic fragments < 5cm
Were there any nurdles? : None

A few sore heads but none the less we still had 21 volunteers join us on our eleventh beach clean. We found less than we were expecting but still managed around 65 containers, so we'll keep pushing for that CDS! On this clean, soft plastics were the most prominent in our area. Unfortunately and fortunately we cleaned up around 400-500 pieces of soft plastic, mostly from food but others from packaged goods too. We did find a couple of tennis balls that were still in good knick and also a very beat up fishing rod. The weather was quite warm for September so we'll be ordering in some new tee's soon to keep us cool over the summer months. 


Thank you to all that came down it was great to see you there!

P.S the coffee tokens are coming, I promise!

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