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Activity date : Friday, 20 September 2013
Location : 3207
Full BP/LOS bgs picked up Inc bottles & cans : 20 Bags
Full BP/LOS bgs of drink containers picked up : N/A
Estimated kgs picked up : 50 Kg
Time spent for this event : 20 Hours
Number of collected bottles : N/A
Container Volume % of total rubbish : N/A
Number of collected syringes : N/A
Cleaned length : N/A m
Cleaned width : N/A m
Cleaned area : N/A m2
Most common items collected : Aluminium cans (alcohol and soft drink)
Metal bottle caps
Plastic bottles
Were there any nurdles? : None

At the end of the monthly beach clean, the 3207Beachpatrol joined by some staff of the Ecocenter, unfurled a large banner that had been traveling around

Australia to promote the introduction of the 10 cent container deposit scheme across all of Australia.   This law has been many years in the introduction with

delays after delays  being caused by the drink manufacturing companies who are scared of this bill being introduced.  This picture of support by an active

beach clean group and many other with 1000's of signatures will be handed to state premiers to show the people support this bill.  A CDS will result in

100's of millions of plastic bottles every year from ending up  as litter on our beaches and in our parks.

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