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21 Jun

Welcome to Frankston BeachPatrol

Ross |

3199 Frankston BeachPatrol involves many organisations in the community. They invite fitness clubs, school groups, businesses, faith organisations, animal rescue groups & other organisations.

Their Volunteers further raise awareness about litter issues by taking a proactive role in workshops, forums, expos, guest speaking, and some presentations.

They help shape policy by sharing their knowledge of issues.  This includes the 5 year Coastcare Victoria Strategy 2021-2026, Frankston Marine Management Plan, Bay Friendly Businesses & the Foreshore Advisory Committee.

They also work with local Mayors, M.P.s & CEOs to gain positive outcomes. Results include the foreshore litter tackle bin, proposed butt bin foreshore trial & assessment of storm drain litter solutions.

3199 BeachPatrol uses LitterStopper to record all their plastic items collected during their beach cleans.

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