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13 Mar

Meet Sacha

Ross |

I got involved with Beach Patrol in lockdown. l saw this as an opportunity to get involved and do something about the issues of rubbish in my local neighborhood.

There was no rubbish or litter when I was a kid and now I'm drowning in it! When I was a kid a household rubbish bin was 75L and was perfectly adequate for a family of 6. There were 4 kids, mum used cloth nappies and like most other modern mums of the 70's she barely had time to worry about composting or gardening.

There was no recycling bin. You had to take your recycling to a depot - and folks did that because storing it for a monthly trip was no big deal.
Now I have a bird's nest in my passionfruit vine that has a length of old plastic bag woven through it.
I can walk for half an hour anywhere - a local street, to the beach, to a National Park and pick up lots of rubbish.

Meanwhile our Councils assign us 4 x 240ltr bins per household to dispose of our waste - and yet most people fill or overfill their bins. 99% of our rubbish & recycling is packaging waste. Something has to change.

If you live around Altona - join us, who are a group of passionate and friendly locals Beach Patrol - 3018.

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