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12 Mar


Ross |

Clean Up Australia Day 2023  

BeachPatrol and Love Our Street groups across Victoria mobilised the community as part of the national day of action. Read on to find out what a difference we made together. 

Ashburton to Aspendale, Wyndham to Warrnambool and everywhere in between - hundreds of community volunteers turned out in support of Clean Up Australia Day 2023 events organised by BeachPatrol and Love Our Street. 

The weekend of 4-5 March saw events of all shapes and sizes happening on beaches, foreshores, parklands and streets. There were so many notable events it is impossible to mention them all! We are grateful to all of the community groups, politicians, councils and business who volunteered their time to make the events so impactful. 

At the time of writing the data is still coming in from across Victoria. Here’s a snapshot showing the incredible amount of litter removed from the environment: 

Clean up events: 




Total weight of litter removed: 


No of recyclable items removed: 


No of coffee/takeaway cups


Total number of items counted 



One of the most powerful outputs from the clean-up events is data. The LitterStopper app is used to categorise and log the litter collected and the data shared with the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA).

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