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Media links to show where BeachPatrol or Love Our street groups have been mentioned in various outlets.

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As the impact of BeachPatrol and Love Our Street grows, we are getting more and more media attention. This helps us broaden the reach of our message and change behaviours. It's vital that more people understand the problem with plastic littering and its impact on wildlife in the oceans and on land. The public awareness we generate drives government and industries to pay attention to our cause.

Recent Media Releases

Release Date Media Name Media Type Subject Story Image
19 Nov 2022 Southern FM Radio Radio

Our Sandringham 3191 BeachPatrol group leaders were interviewed to talk about the 3191 group in Sandringham and what they find there.   

Listen to the show here.

08 Oct 2022 Herald Sun News Paper

Photo of the collection of drink bottles and cans collected in Spring Clean the City event.  100 people for 2 hours cleaning the streets of Melbouren CBD and bring it all back for display on South Bank.

08 Oct 2022 Channel 7 News TV 7 News

Channel 7 news briefly covered the Spring Clean the City event on Oct 8th

28 Sep 2022 Herald Sun News Paper

Promoting interest in the upcoming Spring Clean the City event to clean all of the Melbourne CBD of single use plastic.

12 Sep 2022 Start Weekly Wyndham News Paper

A new Love our Streeet group had a trial run today in Point Cook.



02 Sep 2022 Geelong Independent News Paper

BeachPatrol 3220 has organsied a coporate clean with Telstra on the Eastern Beach in Geelong.   News of he event was on the front page of the Geelong Independent news paper.   The news can be seen in this link here




22 Aug 2022 ABC Radio Radio

THe ABC interviewed BeachPatrol on the excessive litter left by fishermen.

22 Aug 2022 3AW Radio Radio

3AW Radio did a follow up interview on the excessvie litter left by fishermen

21 Aug 2022 Herald Sun News Paper

The Sun carried a story on the excessive litter left by fishermen.

21 Aug 2022 RPP FM Radio Radio

RPP FM mornington Radio did a follow up story on the exessive litter left by fishermen