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As the impact of BeachPatrol and Love Our Street grows, we are getting more and more media attention. This helps us broaden the reach of our message and change behaviours. It's vital that more people understand the problem with plastic littering and its impact on wildlife in the oceans and on land. The public awareness we generate drives government and industries to pay attention to our cause.

Recent Media Releases

Release Date Media Name Media Type Subject Story Image
12 Nov 2023 Container Deposit Scheme highlighted on Southern FM Radio

Alli Harding was joined by Simon Gaites on her Southern FM show. Simon ad Alli are co-leaders of 3191 Beach Patrol, who explained how the scheme works and how much important it is to keeping our environment clean.

Listen to the podcast here to find out more about CDS and then visit www.CDSvic.org.au for more information.

30 Aug 2023 Victorian Parliament Social Media

Our Sandringham LOS group has been praised in Parliament for its monthly clean-up of streets by local member Brad Rowswell MP

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25 Jul 2023 Channel7 News TV 7 News

BeachPatrol 3280 rasied such a nosie about a highly plastic polluted beach that they had a story air on Channel 7 news.



05 Jul 2023 ABC News On line News

BeachPatrol 3280 are showing that a lot of plastic washing ashore on the southern shores is coming from off marine vessels not from land based sources.



01 Jul 2023 Warrnambool Field Naturalists News Letter Newsletter

BeachPatrol's LitterStopper app got a write up in the Newsletter

08 May 2023 Standard.net.au Warrnambool On line News

Nick Yandell has spent the past month creating bowls and cutting boards out ofplastic litter with a homemade press.  Mr Yandell, a member of Warrnambool to Port Fairy branch of Beach Patrol, saidhe was shocked with the amount of plastic washing up on our coastline.  "I went for a walk on Levy's Beach the other day and you can't take a step withoutfinding plastic, nothing much bigger than a five-cent piece but it's everywhere," hetold The Standard   "Sometimes it's a bit disheartening, you think 'how are we ever going to clean thisthing up?'."



26 Apr 2023 ABC Radio Radio

Ross was on ABC radio again talk back with a Plastics 101 class.  Where plastic comes from, what is it used for, why is recycling so hard in Australia.

19 Apr 2023 Fox Weather On line News

Rosalind Evans, a beachcomber with Warrnambool's Beach Patrol 3280, was excited after she found the intact yet battered plastic bottle at Fitzroy River estuary during a March 25th cleanup. The group searched for Zepcan on social media and sent her a message.

18 Apr 2023 ABC News On line News

Message found in a bottle.      They weren't hunting coins or treasures, but are members of Warrnambool's Beach Patrol 3280 who spend hours each week picking up rubbish along the coastline.

The letter was inside a plastic drink bottle and contained the sweet notions of a child, written in the careful handwriting of someone who had just got their pen licence. 



18 Apr 2023 The Standard Warrnambool On line News

Beach Patrol 3280-3284 leader Colleen Hughson has welcomed a container deposit scheme under which a 10-cent refund is given for eligible drink containers returned to a refund collection point. It will come into effect statewide in November.