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The BeachPatrol vision is to have strong communities living in a healthy environment with no plastic pollution.

LitterStopped In 3198Seaford

03 Dec

3198 SEAFORD 3198 Keast Park JO 03 Dec 2023

End of Year BBQ Break Up clean. Lots (20+) of people from Geocaching attending. Not all cleaning for the hour. Skew averages slightly.
12 Nov

3198 SEAFORD 3198 Opp Seaford Rd, JO 12 Nov 2023

26 volunteers Total of 26.6kgs 17.8 kg land fill 8.8 kgs Recyclables including 69 CDS items. 8 take away cups, 3 scuba pieces, 6 fishing items - fishing line, lures, hooks etc, 8 lolly pop sticks.
01 Oct

3198 SEAFORD 3198 Opp McCulloch Ave - JO 01 Oct 2023

Long weekend - so on top of all the small plastic litter/wrappers there was drink container litter from beach goers. Extremely windy day however - so less on sand than normal due to extreme wind. Stil...
03 Sep

3198 SEAFORD 3198 Keast Park JO 03 Sep 2023

Completed audit of Keast Park for Eco Centre