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The BeachPatrol vision is to have strong communities living in a healthy environment with no plastic pollution.

LitterStopped In 3194Mentone

18 Nov

3194 MENTONE 3194 mentone pn 18 Nov 2023

With the Mentone Life Saving Club carpark now available we were able to meet at our normal location which was a first for a while. For November we had 6 volunteers who picked up 8 bags of rubbish weig...
21 Oct

3194 MENTONE 3194 mentone pn 21 Oct 2023

An early 8am start for our 4 Mentone Beach Patrol volunteers. For our 1hour effort we collected 6 bags of rubbish weighing 12.2kgs including 28 bottles and cans, thanks Paul
16 Sep

3194 MENTONE 3194 mentone pn 16 Sep 2023

Our September Beach Patrol had 4 volunteers who collected 5 bags of rubbish weighing 5.8kgs including 30 bottles and cans. We’re still seeing a big problem with litter across from StBedes College as w...