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28 May

3018 ALTONA 3018 altona sb 28 May 2023

Wet wet wet - the pier was closed off as part of the pier upgrade project as well, so beach access was limited. Today was also my last clean as coordinator, hoping someone steps into the breach soon -...
24 Apr

3018 ALTONA 3018 sb altona 24 Apr 2023

Great day for a clean and lots of kids today! A thumping 65kg though which was a bit disheartening. We did find a massive black plastic container that even empty weighed in at 2.5kg! May have been use...
18 Mar

3018 ALTONA 3018 Altona SB 18 Mar 2023

Rotten weather for a beach clean today but lots of new faces plus many of our regulars. Unfortunately we didn’t get to do much sorting today as the rain started bang on weigh time. The numbers of re...
26 Feb

3018 ALTONA 3018 Altona SB 26 Feb 2023

We were hampered by a triathlon event that had taken over the beach and foreshore area, both in terms of the challenges our volunteers had in getting to the beach and in terms of the number of people...
21 Jan

3018 ALTONA 3018 altona sb 21 Jan 2023

A few new faces and lots of familiar ones - all hands were much appreciated! We used every single bag and all the new grabbers (kindly funded by the local rsl commitee). We also collected about 1000 c...